Managing & Treating Osteoporosis – A Testimonial

Having always been active and exercised regularly from my late teens I was devastated to be diagnosed with severe osteoporosis in November 2020 at age 64. The diagnosis came about following a rib fracture when laying down on a firm surface. Given that I am very mindful of what I eat, and have always maintained a healthy weight, I could not understand why osteoporosis chose me.

After the initial shock and emotional upheaval of this diagnosis, Annette, the principal at Sans Souci Physio, swiftly put an action plan in place which included a targeted weight bearing pilates program with Megan Lloyd and additional balance exercises to do both in class and at home. Knowing what I needed to do to prevent any further fractures gave me the determination to commit to pilates classes twice a week and home-based balance exercises two to three times a week.  I also continued to walk 4-5 times a week for general fitness. As my osteoporosis was categorised as severe, I was also referred to an endocrinologist who prescribed medication, in addition to Prolia, to assist with the rebuilding of bone mass.

One year on my bone density has substantially increased and I continue to power on with pilates classes twice weekly under the watchful eyes, excellent care and encouragement of Megan. I am sure I would not have regained bone density and increased mobility within this time without the benefit of weight bearing pilates and balance exercises.

 It is also assuring to know that Annette has a genuine interest in her clients’ progress in regaining their maximum physical and emotional wellbeing. Annette and her staff are highly trained and professional individuals who care for every client and whose standard of care always exceeds expectations.

Written by: Wendy Millar

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ONERO is an exercise program specifically tailored to improve/ maintain bone mineral density. 

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