Overcoming Knee Pain to Achieve Great Things

When your mind’s focused and possibly stronger than your bodies current capabilities, boundaries are pushed and at times that can lead to injuries. Sound familiar? Well that’s me at the moment.

As a 59 year old active outdoors person and keen runner, over the last decade this is a journey that is not unfamiliar to me as I have challenged both my body and mind outside normal parameters competing in multiple ultra-marathon events from 50 to 250km in extreme conditions. I was a late starter with my first Ultra at 51 years of age and I was hooked!

Whilst training for an upcoming running event and feeling great, I pushed those boundaries and succumbed to a knee injury. One MRI later I found myself dealing with a torn medial meniscus and some joint wear and tear no doubt because of my age and many, many thousands of running kilometres (with no regrets)!

I needed help and that’s where the team at Sans Souci Physio came in. The care and attention I received to help me deal not only with the injury but also their level of understanding and compassion of the frustration I was also dealing with has been second to none. We worked together to create a rehab and ongoing management plan that importantly provided me with the motivation and confidence that together we were going to work through this.

I initially engaged in physio and I also received a Cortisone injection, ultrasound directed and had fluid drained off my knee by a referred doctor to assist the process.

I incorporated attending regular Pilates classes with Megan as part of my management plan. Megan’s professionalism and level of expertise with instructing and guiding me  on how to rebuild intricate stabilising muscles and core strength after suffering muscle atrophy has been second to none and inspires great confidence in the process. The Clinical Pilates sessions are 60 minute duration, individually tailored to your needs, with no more than four (4) participants and are thoroughly enjoyable.

To be realistic, I may not run too many more ultra-marathons but I will certainly be continuing with Pilates classes and continue to develop and practice that further at home for my ongoing wellbeing and health so I can continue to engage in life the way I seek to with sound body strength, flexibility and functionality. I’m very grateful for the level of care I have received and would highly recommend Sans Souci Physiotherapy services and their Clinical Pilates exercise classes for persons of any age and needs for ongoing wellbeing.

Rob B – previous and current Sans Souci Physio client

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ONERO is an exercise program specifically tailored to improve/ maintain bone mineral density. 

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