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Semi-Private Clinical Exercise & Rehabilitation Classes

What is Clinical Exercise & Rehabilitation?

Previously known as Clinical Pilates, these semi private classes (maximum 5 participants) offer an individualised exercise programme that is closely supervised and goal orientated to help you recover from an injury, This programme may use Pilates principles and equipment such as reformers, trapeze tables, weights etc in our boutique Pilates/exercise studio. All programmes are designed by one of our experienced Physiotherapists with formalised reviews every 12 weeks as a minimum.

Who will benefit from Clinical Exercise Classes?

Both Men and Women with  any of the following:

How does clinical exercise & rehabilitation work?

Clinical exercise and rehabilitation programmes include prescribed exercises to retrain and restore optimal musculoskeletal function. Clinical exercise promotes healthy neuromuscular movement patterns that alleviate pain and prevent injury—while improving body awareness, muscle balance, movement control, strength and flexibility.

What is involved?

A physiotherapist will firstly provide a detailed assessment, which is followed by a co-ordinated management plan to ensure exercises are completed correctly and supervised at all times. With a review every 12 weeks.

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